I am a college graduate that will never stop learning. I went to school for 7 years, accomplished two degrees, and traveled to Australia to achieve my dream of diving in The Great Barrier Reef. That is one thing about me, I will never stop achieving my dreams. And my biggest dream and the most important aspect of my life is to help other people achieve theirs. I am dedicated to helping other people. I always have been, and my Buddhist practice, Nichiren Buddhism, has made my belief that that is our true purpose in this lifetime, all the stronger.

I am phenomenal at being your biggest cheerleader, and always your toughest critic —in a kind, suggestive manner— so that your latest project gets the attention to each line that it deserves. I have the talent and the drive to ensure your manuscript, essay, short story, or anything you’ve written and want to get out into the world, becomes a perfected piece of literature that will grab readers for its content, not it’s snafus.

Please allow me to help you; it would be my greatest honor.

-Rebecca A. Dombrowski


September 27, 2017